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You can get community rewards by following Qovery on social media. Each Qovery user can only be rewarded once per social platform.



Follow Qovery Twitter profile and get rewarded for being active Qovery Community member!


Subscribe to Qovery YouTube channel and get rewarded for being active Qovery Community member!


Why do you reward users?

Read this post to know more about it.

What are "Qovery credits"?

They are free credits that you can use on your paid and Community plans.

Can I pay to get more credits on my Community plan?

No you can’t pay to get more credits on your Community plan. Read the question below 👇 to get a more detailed response.

Why don't you allow users to pay their credits?

Qovery IS NOT a hosting platform and will never be. We offer free hosting because it is our way to give back to the our developers community. But we want to encourage them to give back in return by helping each other and sharing their love of Qovery. See the “Community plan and free credits” section above.

What happens if I no longer have credits for my Community plan?

We notify you to give back to the community to get more credits. If you have not taken any action within: 1. 48 hours, Qovery will shut down your applications. 2. 30 days, Qovery will permanently delete your applications

How long I do have to use my free credits?

You have 12 months to use your earned credits.

Are credits recurrent?

Credits are only recurrent for granted ambassadors.

Can I be eligible to multiple rewards?


Can I use my free credits on my Professional, Business and Enterprise plans?

Absolutely 🙂.