Here is a list of the most important features provided by Qovery.

Deploy on your own Cloud account

Connect AWS, Digital Ocean and Scaleway to Qovery

It is very convenient to deploy side projects and early stage applications on Qovery infrastructure. However, if your organization grows, you may want to run your business on your own cloud account to have greater control, reduce costs or use your cloud provider credits. In this case Qovery got you covered - not only it allows to deploy your environments on your own cloud account, but also it's provider agnostic, making it possible to deploy your production environment on reliable cloud and use cheaper providers for your development envs.

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Preview environments

Qovery list of environments

Run as many environments as you need to stay confident in releasing new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

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Extend Qovery with your tools

Extend Qovery with tons of addons

Extend the power of Qovery in using your tools. Integrates Qovery with Gitlab CI , Datadog, and many other addons.

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