Fair Use Policy

Qovery Community

All projects deployed in Qovery Community organizations are subjects to this Fair Use Policy. Below is a rule-of-thumb for determining which projects fall within our definition of Fair Use and which do not.

Examples of Fair Use

  • Backend APIs
  • Frontends
  • SPAs
  • Functions that query DBs or APIs
  • Blogs, e-commerce, marketing
  • Open-source projects like Strapi, Hasura, Meilisearch

Examples of Unfair Use

  • Proxies and VPNs
  • Media hosting for hot-linking
  • Scrapers
  • Crypto Mining
  • Torrenting
  • Any illegal activities in the internet


Anyone not following our Fair Use Policy in Qovery Community may be banned from using the platform.

Qovery runs automated scans for torrent traffic and other activities that may break the Fair Use Policy rules.

  • Applications deployed in organizations breaking the rules may be automatically deleted.
  • Users responsible for deployments of unfair applications may be blocked from using the platform.

Reasoning Behind The Rules

All the rules are created for the good of Qovery Community. As community applications are deployed on our servers, we can not allow for any illegal activity to happen as it would put in danger the stability of all applications of our community members. Rules were introduced to protect fair users.

Professional Usage

All projects deployed in any of the Professional Plans (the ones where applications are hosted on your own cloud account) are not subject to the rules from above. Professional plans imply that your applications are deployed on your own cloud account, so the choice (and responsibility) of the type of applications you deploy is completely yours.