How to use the Qovery API

This tutorial will show you how to use the Qovery API and create your own integrations

The Qovery API can be used to create personal integrations that will help you manage your projects on Qovery. They work just like normal HTTP requests and require a bit of knowledge working with APIs.

Let's get started!!

Getting an authorization key

1) Head on to the Qovery console.

  • Sign in to the Qovery web interface.

    Qovery Sign-up page

  • 2) Head to any project.

    Getting our token

    3) Open your browser developer console. Usually this is as simple as clicking CTRL + Shift + I

    4) Head to the network tab, then click on the network tab.

    5) Now, refresh your page, and look for a random request (usually from, then click on it to inspect it's body. Once you do, you'll see that it has a header as a token.

    Network Tab

    6) Copy the token, then move to the next section.

    Using the API

    In order to use the API, you can use any available websites/tools, like Postman or the programming language of your choice along with the appropriate library to make HTTP requests (eg. requests for Python).

    For this demo, I will be using Postman as it's my go-to for using and testing APIs. The point of this tutorial isn't about Postman, so I will not be going in depth about how to use it. You can check out their learning center here to learn more.

    Below, I will be trying to learn more about my application using the Get Application by ID endpoint.

    1) Grab the token you copied before, and paste it in the authorization tab in the collection menu (refer above to the learning center).

    2) Create a new request, then grab the URL from the API website. For this request, we need to get our application ID.

    Getting the needed IDs

    2.1) Go to your application in the console, and look at the URL. It should look something like this:

    2.2) You must copy the ID that's right next to the "applications/" part.

    2.3) Paste that ID where it is needed. In this case, remove "{applicationId}" and paste it there.

    Receiving the output

    3) If everything was done correctly, Postman (or the tool you are using) should output all the information regarding your application.

    Final Result

    Common mistakes

    Wrong token

    Make sure you are copying the token correctly every time. Do note that you must copy it every time you are making a request as the token gets refreshed as noted above. Refer to the getting an autorization key section of this tutorial.

    Wrong IDs

    Make sure you are copying the correct IDs you need. For example, if you need your organization ID, copy the ID that is next to the "/organization" URI. For more infomation, refer to the getting the needed IDs section.


    Congratulations! You now know everything you need to know regarding the Qovery API and how to use it! Should you run into any issues, feel free to join the Qovery Discord server and ask for help there!