Getting started with Scala on Qovery

How to quickly deploy a Scala app on Qovery

This tutorial will have you deploying a Scala app in minutes.

Scala stands for Scalable Language. It is a multi-paradigm programming language. Scala language includes features of functional programming and object-oriented programming. It is a statically typed language. Its source code is compiled into bytecode and executed by Java virtual machine.

Source Code

In the tutorial, we will use a sample application ready to be deployed on Qovery. To get the application source code, please fork this repository.

App Setup

In Qovery Console, choose or create your project and environment. Then, add a new application:


In Git Repository, pick the forked application source code repository.

In the Port section type 8080.

That's it, create!

Env Vars

The last step is to add a PORT environment variable. To do so, navigate to your application and add a new PORT variable with value 8080:



It's all ready. In your application's screen click on Actions and Deploy your application.



To see the progress of your deployment and the output of your application, click on Show Logs button. You can navigate between build/deployment logs as well as your application runtime logs.


Push Changes

Now, anytime you push new changes to your repository, Qovery will automatically update your application with the latest code!