Setting up Cloudflare and Custom Domain on Qovery

Using Cloudflare for applications deployed on Qovery

The guide assumes that you have an application up and running on Qovery. We'll go through the process of adding a new Custom Domain to the application and use Cloudflare as the domain provider. We also assume that you own a custom domain on Cloudflare (or any other domain registrar):


Adding a Custom Domain

First, let's open application settings:


Add your Cloudflare managed domain in Domain section:


Cloudflare Configuration


To finish the configuration on Cloudfalre, open the DNS Settings:


And add a CNAME entry with the value taken from the Qovery Console just like this:


You can safely use the Proxy mode.


The last step to configure the domain Cloudflare side properly, is to use the Full TLS encryption:


This is the requirement to make Custom Domain work properly using Cloudflare as the domain provider on Qovery.


After following the steps from above, our application should be accessible using the custom domain we selected:


In the guide we went through all the necessary steps to configure Cloudflare and Qovery to make use of your custom domain.