Create Credentials

Generate your Scaleway credentials

  1. Connect to your Scaleway console

  2. Go to IAM

  3. Go to Applications

  4. Create a new application for your project

  5. Generate your new API key from your application view

    Set up the the preferred `Project` for `Object Storage` with your Scaleway Project
  6. Save the generated access key id and secret access key.

  7. Go to Policies

  8. Create a new policy with Principal linked to the application you just created.

  9. Set the scope of the policy to your project

  10. Select the following rules for your policy

    • Containers permissions
    • Network Service permissions
    • Compute permissions
    • Storage permissions
    • VPC permissions
  11. Create your policy

  12. Get your organization id in your organization settings

  13. Get your project id on your project dashboard

Well done!! You now have your Scaleway access key id, secret access key, organization_id and project id; It is time to connect Qovery to your Scaleway account.