An organization is a shared account where developers can collaborate across many projects at once. Owners and organization administrators can manage:

  • cloud accounts.
  • members access.
  • the billing.

Create an Organization

You need to create an organization the first time you use Qovery. You have to choose between the Free, Professional, Business and Enterprise.

Qovery - create an organization

How to choose between plans?

In a nutshell:

  • Free, Professional, Business and Enterprise plans: to deploy on your Cloud account.
  • Community: to get free hosting for your hobby project.

Get more info here.

Manage your clusters

With Qovery, you can manage multiple clusters in your organizations settings and deploy your project environments and services on the one you want.

In the settings of your organization, you will be able to add, stop, update the settings and delete a cluster.

Qovery - Manage multiple clusters in your organization

Check out this documentation according to the Cloud service provider that you want to use.

What is the default cluster?

The default cluster is the first cluster you installed in your organization.

When you create a new environment and you leave the mode and cluster parameters set to the value Automatic, it will be targeted by one of your project rules. However, if no project rules target them, they will be deployed on the default cluster.

Check out this documentation to learn more about the deployment rules.

Organization members

You can invite someone to join your organization by email. Then he will get access to your projects and will be able to contribute.

Qovery - List all members within an organization


Four roles within an organization exist:

Read organizationyesyesnono
Edit organizationyesyesnono
Delete organizationyesnonono
Manage billingyesyesnono
Invite membersyesyesnono
Connect to Kubernetes clusteryesyesnono
Read projectyesyesyesyes
Edit projectyesyesyesno
Delete projectyesyesnono
Read environmentyesyesyesyes
Edit production environmentyesyesnono
Edit development environmentyesyesyesno
Stop production environmentyesyesnono
Stop development environmentyesyesyesno
Delete production environmentyesyesnono
Delete development environmentyesyesyesno
Read applicationyesyesyesyes
Edit production applicationyesyesnono
Edit development applicationyesyesyesno
Delete production applicationyesyesnono
Delete development applicationyesyesyesno
Connect via SSH to an applicationyesyesnono
Read databaseyesyesyesno
Edit production databaseyesyesnono
Edit development databaseyesyesyesno
Delete production databaseyesyesnono
Delete development databaseyesyesyesno

Change organization

As a user, you can have access to one or many organizations. Use the dropdown in the top right navbar to change your organization.

Qovery - change organization

Delete organization

To delete your organization, you need to go into the Danger Zone within your organization settings.

Qovery - delete organization