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This section covers the most common issues that can be encountered while using Qovery. Its goal is to provide information on how to proceed with encountered errors and describe steps required to solve them if applicable.

The section is divided into categories per cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure...). Qovery section is not related to any of the cloud providers - errors from this category describe issues of the Qovery platform itself.


Git Submodules

Error Message:

Error message: Error while checkout submodules from repository
Error: Error { code: -1, klass: 23, message: "authentication required but no callback set" }


There are limitations with the support for Git Submodules. Only public Submodules over HTTPS or private with embedded basic authentication are supported.


Follow our Git Submodules guide to make your application working with Git Submodules on Qovery.

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