What is Qovery?

Qovery is a platform that combines the power of Kubernetes, the reliability of AWS, and the simplicity of Heroku to deploy your applications in the Cloud.

Qovery is the simplest way to deploy your full-stack apps in the Cloud

Qovery is a product for:

  • Developer: to deploy their apps while staying focused on building the best product.
  • DevOps: to build future-proof production cloud infrastructure.
  • Product Manager: to deliver new features faster.
  • CTO: to accelerate their go-to-market, reduce their cloud cost, keep their team productive as it grows.

Deploy on AWS with Qovery

Getting started in 3 steps

  1. Connect your Cloud account (only paid plans)

    Setup your AWS , Digital Ocean and Scaleway account.

    Deploy on your AWS, Digital Ocean and Scaleway account with Qovery

  2. Connect your Git repository

    Qovery is fully integrated into Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket.

    Connect your Github repository

  3. Your app is deployed

    Your application is up and running instantly

    Your Qovery environment is up and running

That's it!

Deploy your first application