What is the difference between a Project, Application, and Environment?

A project is the site that you're working on. Each project can contain multiple applications and be deployed in multiple environments. An environment is a standalone copy of your site, including apps, databases, storage, data, and all other services. By default, main branch is the production environment, while all other branches can be set up as identical copies of the prod environment for testing purposes.

Can you help me to deploy my application on Qovery?

Yes, absolutely. Join our fantastic community to get the help of our +5000 developers and Qovery team members.

How does application build work?

We build and run your Dockerfile, so it's up to you to provide all the good instructions. If you have any trouble, we can assist you.

How does Qovery manage databases?

Qovery relies on the managed databases provided by the Cloud provider of your choice (AWS, GCP, Azure). So it's highly reliable. For development usage, we rely on a single instance database running inside a container (to keep the cost low for development purposes). But, we guarantee the safety of the data and the availability.

Does Qovery replace Kubernetes?

Behind the scene, Qovery uses Kubernetes. Qovery adds a simplification layer on top of Kubernetes to make it accessible to any developer. Qovery is installable on your Kubernetes clusters with the Enterprise version. Read more

Does Qovery support mono repository?

We expect to support mono repository as soon as possible. Please do upvote for mono repository support in our roadmap.

Does Qovery support private Git repository ?

Yes, absolutely.

What resources are provided with Free plan ?

Free plan comes with 10GB of storage, 1GB of RAM and 1 vCPU.

Where are your servers located?

Qovery relies on Cloud providers like AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and Azure. For each project, and environment you can select the region (America, Europe, Asia) of your choice.

What is the IP address of Qovery? I would like to whitelist it on my side

It is not possible to whitelist only one IP address as we have several nodes, and they have different IP addresses. Your app can move to any of those nodes. In addition to that, nodes can be deleted/replaced with new ones and therefore have different IPs. Authentication based on an IP address is not a viable solution for any cloud-native solution like Qovery.

If I have N custom domains under the same root domain, do I need to create N CNAME records, or just creating one for the root domain is enough ?

You have to create N CNAME, one per custom domain

I have made actions on my AWS account and want to clean my organization in order to restart from scratch, how can I proceed ?

If you want to remove Qovery infrastructure from your AWS account in order to restart from the beginning, or if you are leaving Qovery and want to delete Qovery infrastructure from your AWS account, you can do that buy clicking on "delete infrastraucture" on your Organization page:

Delete Qovery infrastructure

The option is also available if you do not have any project;

Delete Qovery infrastructure

Why you should use Qovery?

The power of Kubernetes

Under the hood, Qovery uses containers and Kubernetes to run applications. With us, your applications scale accordingly to your traffic and needs. We rely on major cloud providers to provide reliable infrastructure to make your applications highly available.

Reliable infrastructure

What's more, we took on our shoulders the complexity of providing and managing other infrastructure requirements you need (like databases or message brokers), so you can focus merely on developing business features.

Simple and Powerful

With Qovery, the cloud is simple again. Get all the benefits of using cloud and Kubernetes without dealing with its complexity. You don't need to hire infrastructure experts - configuring continuous integration, deployment, databases, message brokers, storage, DNS, SSL/TLS, VPCs, and many others - we do it all for you. On Qovery, you can spin up a set of microservices, databases, and other cloud services in minutes with a single Git push!

Built for all developers

Qovery is designed by developers for developers. Our goal is to make your life easier and allow you to move faster. Developer experience is at our heart. Building cloud-native applications was never that fast and simple!

Fully customizable for advanced business use cases

Create teams, split responsibilities, manage privileges, enforce company-wide rules, deploy to multiple clouds, plug in your own CI solutions. Qovery Business allows you to bring your organization to the next level with ease.

How Qovery works under the hood?

Here is a detailed explanation on how Qovery works under the hood.

How can I contact you?

Feel free to join our Discord server or contact us by email at hello (at) qovery.com.