Install Qovery on your Scaleway account in less than 20 minutes. Qovery will create a Kubernetes cluster for you and manage it for you. To install Qovery on an existing Kubernetes cluster, please refer to the dedicated documentation.

  1. Create a Kubernetes cluster

    Now you can create your Kubernetes cluster. Follow this guide to create your Kubernetes cluster.

    Add Cluster

    Note that you can create multiple clusters on the same Scaleway account with different VPCs. You can also create multiple clusters on different Scaleway accounts. Qovery will manage them for you.

  2. Attach Scaleway credentials

    Follow this guide to create your Scaleway credentials.

    Create Credentials

    Then attach your credentials to your cluster and click on Create. Then, click on Continue.

  3. Install Qovery

    Click on Create and Deploy to create the cluster and install Qovery on it.

    It will take up to 20 minutes to create the cluster, VPC and install Qovery on it. But you can already configure your first application.

    You should see your new cluster in the list of clusters.

    Show clusters